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Published: January, 2015

I met my husband through a dating website while I was still living in Liverpool, 5 months before I moved to Somerset to be with him. We rented a house together in Frome for a year before moving to Ilchester in August 2012, 3 months after getting married in Las Vegas. You could say it was a bit of a whirlwind, though it didn’t feel like that. It felt like the most natural progression for us. We just knew we had found the right partner in each other.

In Frome I had made some good friends through the Spin Dance Fitness studio where I took part in weekly Pole Fitness classes. On moving to Ilchester, I found myself unable to get to my class in Frome after having hip surgery and, as much as I love my husband, I was missing some female company. Being relatively new to the Military life, not having any children & not knowing anyone in the area, I found it difficult to find something just for women that I could do at the time. In our moving in pack, I found a leaflet about the newly formed Yeovilton Military Wives Choir. They were having rehearsals once a week in the local community centre which happens to be across the road from where we moved to. Not too far to hobble on my crutches.

I was quite nervous the first few times I went to rehearsals even though I was made to feel more than welcome. In my past, I had had my confidence knocked quite a lot and even though I was in my 30’s, I was only just beginning to find myself. A combination of physical and mental child abuse, not dealing with it until my twenties along with controlling boyfriends, had taken a lot of self esteem and self belief out of me, if it had ever really been there. Joining the Pole Fitness studio had helped me a lot in my recovery of this. I still love and attend my classes; however, it wasn’t until I joined the Choir that I felt I really had found myself at last.

Joining the Choir gave me a different sense of myself. Through the Pole Fitness, I could express myself through movement, challenge myself to new, more difficult moves and feel myself getting physically stronger. I have danced from an early age and always used it to vent or express myself. In Choir, I had to find my voice and sing out instead of hiding myself and my voice away. Not just my singing voice, though I had never sung before (apart from in the car – on my own), we are actively encouraged to express our opinions on anything to do with the Choir and its activities. With my husbands help and, unknowingly to them, the ladies of the Choirs help, I became mentally stronger as well.

Very few members of the choir are aware of my past, not because I feel ashamed in anyway because I don’t. It’s just not a subject that comes up that often, especially when we are in a happy, safe and loving environment. Through my husband, my family and my eclectic circle of friends, this is what I now have. Five years ago, I would not have dreamed of attempting a solo singing performance. I tried out for one before Christmas and was unbelievably nervous but I did it. I also wouldn’t have believed in myself enough to think I could offer anything to the Choir committee. With a gentle push from the hubby, I have been happily working as Publicity Coordinator for the last 6 months.

I love my Wednesday evenings and our regular committee meetings. I love performing with these wonderful and amazing women, who probably do not realise how wonderful and special they are to my life.

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